Garden landscape

The project is characterized by the perfect application of native plants. Maintain a balance between design and nature
Urban landscape

Combine the functions of infrastructure with the social and cultural needs of cities, so that today's cities can be built and extended
Park Landscape

Urban parks are precious natural resources in the urban system. A successful park should not only adjust the needs of today's life and development
Our company is a company specializing in home gardening, landscape engineering design and construction, greening maintenance, green plant rental, waterscape and bonsai wholesale. In the past 10 years of development, the company has learned from international human resources and international operation management mode. Based on the concept of "professional value creation", the company has carefully operated for more than 10 years. With a group of professional design talents and ingenious construction team, it can ensure that every project you give us can be achieved.


AWE Villa project
QIUY Park Project
Urban park landscape design
Urban park landscape design
JOC Park Landscape
Seedling base
Relying on garden construction engineering, garden greening engineering is the main. After more than 20 years of continuous development, it has become a large modern garden enterprise integrating landscape planning and landscape design of municipal greening projects, characteristic towns, theme parks, beautiful villages, villa gardens, villa courtyards, ecotourism scenic spots and ancient temples. The five element garden has a seedling base of more than 20000 mu, which is maintained by special personnel, It covers most of the seedlings commonly used in the project. The seedling base is directly harvested with high cost performance. Professional gardeners skillfully match plants according to the four seasons. There are flowers to enjoy in the four seasons, so as to create a natural oxygen bar at your door.